dilluns, 5 de setembre de 2016

Vacations on fire

This is another post in English. I hope to write one every month. I wish to do it.

Last August was a hot month, there were many wildfires and many fire services, this was an exciting month. Some of my mates have worked many hours during this August, and I can be included in this list.

My vacations were planned for the second half of month, and I did it. Hollidays are a great time to enjoy with the family, your thoughts, your hobies... after a few days in the beach (eating ice creams and taking pictures) we decided to do a trip, driving with our car to Galicia, and as my son wanted to visit the north of Portugal, we went there too.
And why I write my hollidays in a Firefighters bloc? I saw burned forests, green forests (dried and wet), firefighter trucks, and more...

I realized that Catalunya is only a small piece of land. And I love Catalunya!. But there are more things after the Riu Segre. There are different types of forests. I saw forests full of eucalyptus. Here the most of forests are of Pines (white, black...) and holm oaks. When people are arriving to Galicia forests begin to appear. We come from a dried land, and exploited to grain (It remembers La Segarra and l'Urgell). Some kilometers driving in a highway surrounded by forests. It's different. But suddenly we begin to see burned forests! At the first sight you can not realize that more will come soon. There are a high number of traces of fire.
En algun lloc del nord de Portugal
But when I arrived to Portugal I scared! Really there a thousands of burned hectares. Then I remembered that this summer there where a great number of wildfires in Portugal, and our TV's told it. It's not nice to see for a firefighter either.

I had never seen those high number of traces of wildfires. We stayed two days driving surrounded in burned forests. Portugal is full of mountains and it remembers the Galicia forests. Eucalyptus.
En algun lloc entre Salamanca i Valladolid
Last two days of hollidays where different. When you cross the frontier between Portugal and Spain the landscape changes as fast as you cross. Lands of grains begin again. Where is forest? It begins when you arrive to the firsts important villages. This forests are the oposit of Catalan forests. You can see many kilometers of forests near the roads, all are clean. What is clean? There are truncks in groups to be collected. There are not low vegetation, neither branches close to the ground.

In my holidays I have learned many thinks arround forests. Disconnection, What is that?

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