dilluns, 24 d’octubre de 2016

the waiting autumn

When autumn arrives the watch stops in the firefighter's stations... Wildfires are finished, no ignitions now. Rain wets and irrigates all the lands and forests. Really, not all land are rained with regularity, the rain in the south of Catalonia is not enough.

Now our work days are bored. We are less people, young firemen has finished their work contracts. No fires, no accidents, no disasters... And the calm is reigning our fire station.
Autumn is a great season, Rain, fresh, humidity... mushrooms begin to appear in the Pyrenees, we must to cover ourselves due to the cold, and we will open our heaters soon. All of these natural actions will influence in our firefighter activity. But now we are waiting.

Really the season activity has started a few days ago. Mushroom hunters are walking in out forests and wet road are ever dangerous. And this is the cause of a part of our work. Calls about lost people are increased and the soft rain causes skate wheels and crashed cars.
A popular tool is used to follow many lost mushroom hunters. WhatsApp. Many people do not know that you can send your map position using it. There are other alert tools... Alpify is so interesting. It is very important to reserve battery in your smartphone to send alerts and positions in case of danger.
The traffic accidents under the rain have a common cause... wheels. Many tires are smooth, their engraved is worn out. It is not necessary to drive fast, your car only needs a thin layer of rain to make you to loss the control.
These days everything is quiet, there are tense calm. All of us know that all can happen today or tomorrow, or the next day. Many firefighters live waiting the big service... this can be found in any season.

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